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To humanise
the web.

We're not built to stare at screens and double-tap for validation. At Storytail, we think everyone should be able to communicate, tell stories & present on the web without feeling like a robot. ๐Ÿค–

We founded Storytail to build the new way of online events with human-led design so we can enable education builders to create deeper connections and give their audience the experiences they deserve.

Break the screen.

We've been building online events before the pandemic.

We shouldn't be placing a 'virtual' tag on an in-person experience. When the pandemic hit at the start of 2020, we saw event builders & educators flock to the 'quick-fix' solutions. The video meeting apps, the 'virtual conference' tools. We had so little time to adapt that we completely disregarded the experience and punished ourselves by quickly cementing the norm of online events.

After hosting 70+ hours of online events for ourselves with tens of thousands of attendees, we built our own platform because we couldn't find a solution that made sense for the web. A platform that felt like it was built for humans. A platform that allowed us to express ourselves without limitations.

Ryan Hayward
Tom Bouquet
Dale Brander
Nick Parker

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