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January 4, 2023

How to deliver memorable online masterclass experiences.

Ryan Hayward
Co-founder, Storytail

You don't want to create just another virtual workshop. You want to create masterclass that makes your audience truly connected.

Your audience crave deeper connection. They want an experience that makes them feel human again. That means putting energy into the way you deliver your online workshop is more important than ever. You can’t just share you screen anymore.

Here’s our top tips for creating a memorable online masterclass experience.

First, let’s get on brand.

In Storytail, you can add custom graphics - in this example we’re using our playful workshopper design, but you can also upload your own! We’ll also add our logo and choose an accent colour to appear on buttons and icons.

1. Pre-event survey with Typeform. (5mins)

Workshops are a great opportunity to get a bit more intimate with your audience. In this example, We’re going to use Typeform (a great form builder) to create a pre-event survey we can better understand who’s attending my workshop and what problems they’re currently facing so as a host, you can tailor your event even further.

2. Introduction (5mins)

It’s time to go live and say hello to your participants. Introduce yourself and encourage your participants to engage in the chat. It’s a great icebreaker to ask people to comment their favourite emoji or what country they’re from. Get your participants used to engaging with the chat.

3. Present (10-30mins)

Now that you’ve warmed up your audience - it’s time for you to share your knowledge. Whether you want to talk to camera, or run through your presentation slideshow - go and drop some value bombs. We recommend using Pitch for creating your presentations. However you can use whatever presentation software you’re most comfortable with.

4. Interactive Miro exercise (10-30mins)

You’ve just talked for a long time. Now it’s time to get your participants to start applying the new knowledge that they’ve just found!

You can use Miro (collaborative whiteboard) to create an exercise for your participants to complete. Once we’ve created our exercise in Miro, we’ll add it as a scene in Storytail so participants can complete it without having to switch to another tab.

5. Gamify with a Kahoot Quiz (5-10mins)

A great way to gamify your workshop is to create a free Kahoot quiz. Create a quiz based on the content of your workshop to see who was the most engaged! You can also offer a prize to the winner to supercharge everyone’s attention levels.

Once we’ve created our quiz, we will add this in Storytail as a scene.

6. Controlled Q&A (5-10mins)

If you’ve got a large amount of participants and too many questions to answer, you can use Storytail’s built-in Q&A functionality to answer questions. You’ll be able to see a list of everyone’s submitted questions and using the upvoting system, you’ll be able to decide which questions your participants want answered most! Giving you the power as a host to deliver the content your participants seek most.

7. Resources & download links (2mins)

In Storytail you can add a custom scene to share any take-away resources from your workshop. Want to give access to your presentation deck? Or even a copy of the Miro exercise? Make it easy for your participants to get value from your workshop, even after the event has finished.

There are endless opportunities to turn your online workshop into an unforgettable experience. If you'd like our full guide on creating memorable workshop experiences, you can download our free eBook.

Stay creative.

Ryan Hayward
Co-founder, Storytail
Become the experience your audience craves.

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