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July 13, 2022

Say hello to Storytail: Host immersive online events.

Ryan Hayward
Co-founder, Storytail

We’ve been busy behind the scenes changing the way we build online events. It’s time to give you a peek into what we’re about.

The problem with online events in 2022 is that we’re taking an in-person experience and applying it virtually. Imagine if Tinder was an in-person experience - we’d have guys going up to girls on the street swiping them to the right.

We’ve lost our sanity. This isn’t how humans are built to connect. When we go online, the rules change. And the same applies to online events.

We always knew there was a better way. And after running our own online events for over three years (yes, even before the spicy cough) for tens of thousands of attendees, we’re taking the next step to building the event platform that keeps our sanity. Because we’re not here to sit in boxes.

Here’s our breakdown on what makes Storytail different:

Present with scenes.

Scenes is a complete game-changer to the way you deliver your content. Scenes allows you to break out of simple screensharing and allows to embed almost anything into your event. Host interactive activities with Miro or Figma. Complete a worksheet with Typeform. Even create a whiteboard for everyone to collaborate together in real-time. All within the Storytail platform, at your command.

Scenes opens the game up to next-level engagement in your online events.

Attendee power-ups. ⚡️

Storytail has four key features to empower to your attendees to engage more with your content:

Chat: A feed for your audience to voice their thoughts.

Questions: Attendees can submit their questions for you to answer. All attendees can upvote their favourite questions so you know what your participants wants to hear most!

Workbook: Our workbook is designed to empower your attendees to become notetakers. Attendees can capture their thoughts in their own private work doc - eliminating the need for multiple tabs & external note-taking apps.

Activities: Embed an exercise, form or other activity for your attendees to complete at any time during your event.

Your event, not ours.

We know your brand isn’t something that’s cookie-cutter. It deserves to be special. Storytail lets you tailor your events to match your experience. Graphics, feature selection, layout, presentation control - everything you need to feel like this is your home, not ours.

Stage control.

Having so many faces on screen at a time like a video meeting is super confronting. With Storytail, you can invite participants to stage as you please - keeping you in control of your event stage at every moment.

The future is bright!

We’ve barely started to crack the surface on what we believe online events can be. Our focus right now is nailing the best product experience possible. Over the next few months, we’re going to be slowly rolling out invites with select beta users.

Here’s what our rollout plan looks like:

Want to be one of the early-birds to experience Storytail? Make sure to join our waitlist so we can send you your invite.

The past few months watching our product come to life has been extremely exciting and we can not wait to share it with you. Until then,

Break the screen.

Ryan Hayward
Co-founder, Storytail
Become the experience your audience craves.

Communicate, tell stories and present your way. Storytail allows you to host in an environment that you control.